Dracula Episode: September 19th

Episode Synopsis:

It is clear to all that Lucy is dying. Seward and Van Helsing never leave her side, while Quincey Morris patrols the halls. Lucy slips in and out of sleep, where she appears to be at peace, but her teeth protrude ominously from her receding gums.  She eventually asks for Arthur, and Quincey picks him up at the railway station. Lucy rallies for Arthur’s sake, and he puts on a brave face, but it is apparent that the end is near.


Dr Seward: Sean Lenhart

Producer, Director, Webmaster: Gwen Schmidt
Audio Engineer, SFX and Music: Bonnie Bogovich
Scripting and Assistant Audio: Sean Lenhart
Story Continuity Supervisor: Liz Rishel
Artwork: Kwamé Babb

This is a rebroadcast of the original 2017 work.

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