Cryptic Canticles’ Response to George Floyd’s death

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”- Martin Luther King Jr. Our commitment to challenge the boundaries of performance art and online media includes the commitment to be inclusive of everyone regardless of skin color, gender, gender expression, religion (creed), age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status or... Continue Reading →

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Dracula Episode: May 15th

Jonathan observes the Count climbing down the wall from his window several more times, and notices that the Castle is built on an outcropping so it is only accessible from one side. Once the Count was out of the castle, Jonathan goes exploring and finds the the front door was locked, and the key missing so he might not escape. He discovers a door which appeared to be locked, but which gave under pressure. The view from the window is breathtaking, and the furniture suggested that he stumbled into a disused ladies’ boudoir. Jonathan marvels at how untouched the castle is from Nineteenth century modernity.

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Dracula Episode: Wednesday (May 12th)

Lucy Westenra writes to Mina Murray about the latest gossip. She is spending a lot of time with Arthur Holmwood, and her mother thinks him a fine fellow. Arthur introduced her to a man named Dr. John Seward, owner of his own lunatic asylum, who Lucy thinks is remarkably resolute. She feels that Seward is trying to read her, but she evades him. Lucy reveals that she is in love with Arthur Holmwood, and hopes for a bright future with him.

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Dracula Episode: May 12th

Jonathan Harker continues to be a guest of the Count. The Count begins to ask questions about how business is conducted in London, and whether he might employ multiple solicitors so that the whole of his business isn’t known by one man. He then asks Jonathan to write to his loved ones and tell them that he will be staying with the Count for a full month. Jonathan understands that protest is futile, so he does as he is asked. He notices that the Count is conducting business of his own, and has left a pile of letters on the table, whose destinations Jonathan notes. The Count returns and tells Jonathan that should he explore the castle, he must not fall asleep anywhere except in the rooms that are known to him. Whist exploring the Castle, Jonathan is alarmed to see the Count climb out his bedroom window and scurry down the exterior wall, head first, as a lizard climbs.

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Dracula Episode: May 9th

Mina Murray writes to her best friend, Lucy Westenra. Mina tells Lucy that she is learning shorthand so that she might assist her fiance, Jonathan Harker, once he returns from his business trip abroad. To that end, she will keep a journal and hone her mind to remember the details of her days. She asks Lucy to tell her of the latest gossip of Lucy’s budding love life.

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Dracula Episode: May 8th

The Count throws away Jonathan's traveling mirror when Jonathan starts to suspect that the Count casts no reflection. It dawns upon Jonathan that he is unable to leave the castle, and that the Count is secretly performing all the servants' duties. Jonathan resolves himself to try and discover all he can about the Count in case a chance to escape might present itself. Inspired by lively conversation, the Count boasts about his lineage and ancestry as though he were among them. He tells of the Icelandic Ugric Tribe and the Huns from which his people are descended, and of the many battles they won over the Turks. He concludes by stating that the time of glory has passed into dishonorable peace. This takes them again to the morning, when he allows Jonathan to retire to bed.
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