Black Swans and Spooky Songs

We did "Autumnal", a fall recital of spooky and maddening tunes. Then we tackled "Twitterpated", a collection of songs of love and wild infatuation... now, after a break to work on The Dracula Radio Play, the Cryptic Canticles returns to present a special spooky halloween recital, "Black Swans and Spooky Songs". Join us for songs... Continue Reading →

Episode: September 8th

Episode Synopsis: Whilst sitting up with Lucy for the night, Dr. Seward notices that Lucy repeatedly tries to stave off sleep. When asked her why, she responds that sleep is not a repose for her, but a horror. Seward explains that he will protect her from bad dreams, and Lucy obligingly falls asleep. At dawn, Seward leaves Lucy in the care of a maid, and returns to his duties at the asylum. Before long, he receives a telegram from Van Helsing instructing him to return tonight to keep vigil over Lucy again.

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Episode: September 7th

Episode Synopsis: Van Helsing hurries to meet Dr. Seward and tend to Lucy. Both are horrified to see that she is languishing under a tremendous loss of blood. Van Helsing insists that Lucy must have a blood transfusion. Miraculously, at that very moment, Arthur enters, driven by his concern for his fiance. The doctors perform the operation, transfusing Arthur's blood into Lucy. Seward is concerned by how much of Arthur's blood is required to gain even the slightest increase in Lucy's vitality. Once the operation is completed, Van Helsing adjusts Lucy and bumps her choker necklace out of place revealing two wounds on her neck. Seward can't decide what they mean, but Van Helsing sets his resolve and returns to Amsterdam to study his books. He charges Seward to keep vigil over Lucy's sleep throughout the night.

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Episode: September 6th

Episode Synopsis: Dr. Seward sends a telegram to Van Helsing urging him to come at once and tend to Lucy who has suddenly regressed. Seward writes to Arthur telling him of Lucy's turn for the worse, but that Lucy's mother has requested Dr. Seward's medical expertise. This, he could bring Van Helsing openly onto the case without fatally shocking Mrs. Westenra in her weakened condition.

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Episode: September 5th

Episode Synopsis: Dr. Seward sends a telegram to Van Helsing that Lucy is recovering rapidly.

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