Cryptic Canticles’ Response to George Floyd’s death

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”- Martin Luther King Jr. Our commitment to challenge the boundaries of performance art and online media includes the commitment to be inclusive of everyone regardless of skin color, gender, gender expression, religion (creed), age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status or... Continue Reading →

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Dracula Episode: August 6th

Episode Synopsis: Mina sits at her favorite seat in the churchyard and observes the signs of the coming storm through the grey day. Mr. Swales comes to sit with her and tells her not to be upset by his conversation about the tombstones earlier, but when men get old, they laugh at death so it doesn't scare them so much. On the contrary, he feels contented and ready for death when it comes. Mina feels touched by his change in behavior, and a little upset. The Coastguard tells her that a small Russian ship off the cost seems to be behaving rather strangely.

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Dracula Episode: August 4th

Episode Synopsis: Amid the never ending fog, the Captain of the Russian schooner, now alone at the helm, at last sees the intruder. Refusing to leave his post, the captain ties his hands to the wheel, along with a religious artifact that the unholy being may not touch. In this way, even though his life be lost, he hopes to preserve his honor as captain.

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Dracula Episode: August 3rd

Episode Synopsis: Mina keeps rereading the letter from Jonathan that reads so oddly. She hasn't heard from him since, and neither has Mr. Hawkins. Lucy's ​sleepwalking has ebbed slightly, but she has begun searching for the key to her locked bedroom door.

The last hand has disappeared from the Russian schooner leaving only the captain and the first mate. The first mate tells him that he encountered the man that everyone else feared. He tried to stab him, but the blade passed right through. The first mate steels himself to check the cargo load of earthen boxes for the intruder while the captain works the helm. Moments later, the first mate emerges in a panic, mad with fear, and throws himself into the sea. The captain figures that the first mate was mad from the start, and probably killed the crew, himself.

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Dracula Episode: August 2nd

Episode Synopsis: The captain of the Russian schooner awakes to a cry. He runs into the first mate who tells him that another man is missing.

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Dracula Episode: August 1st

Episode Synopsis: Mina and Lucy visit with the old fishermen in the churchyard. Mr. Swales entertains the lot of them with tales of the men whose names are listed on the surrounding tombstones. He says that the men are either lost at sea, and not in their so-called graves, or that the nature of their lives and deaths have been dramatically romanticized. Mina returns to the graveyard in the evening and laments that she hasn’t heard from her fiance, Jonathan, in a month.

Fog has closed in on the Russian schooner, and the ship hasn't enough manpower to work the sails. They hope to encounter another ship, but none appear. The first mate had gone from angry to despondent.

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