Cryptic Canticles’ Response to George Floyd’s death

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”- Martin Luther King Jr. Our commitment to challenge the boundaries of performance art and online media includes the commitment to be inclusive of everyone regardless of skin color, gender, gender expression, religion (creed), age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status or... Continue Reading →

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Dracula Episode: July 8th

Episode Synopsis: Renfield has managed of tame a sparrow by feeding it from his collection of spiders.

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Dracula Episode: July 1st

Episode Synopsis: Dr. Seward continues to study his patient, Renfield. Seward catches Renfield eating a blowfly in his cell and forms suspicions about Renfield's collection of spiders, for he finds a log of sorts that he suspects might pertain to his of menagerie of bugs.

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Dracula Episode: June 30th

Having scaled the castle exterior to the Count’s bedroom once again, and having traveled the passage to the chapel, Jonathan Harker discovers the Count lying in his earthen box. To Jonathan’s horror, the Count’s youth has been half restored, and he lies gorged with blood that trickles down his chin. Jonathan is unable to find the front door key on the Count’s body and tries to stab the Count with a nearby shovel. However, a twitch reaction from the Count startles Jonathan, and the shovel only grazes the Count’s forehead, leaving a deep gash. Jonathan returns to the Count’s bedroom, but when he hears the Szgany entering the chapel by some other means, the door the the passageway blows shut, trapping Jonathan in the Count’s bedroom. Fearing the promised return of the spectral sisters, Jonathan writes a final goodbye message to Mina before attempting his most perilous climb yet- down the treacherous precipice to escape the Castle Dracula.

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Dracula Episode: June 29th

Jonathan Harker observes the Count, dressed in Jonathan’s traveling suit, delivering the last of the postdated letters that portend his doom. The Count tells Jonathan that his carriage will deliver him to Bistritz tomorrow evening. Jonathan asks to leave immediately, but changes his mind when a multitude of wolves appear at the front door. Once back in his bedroom, Jonathan overhears the count whispering to the spectral women that they may feast on him tomorrow.

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Dracula Episode: June 25th

The first of Jonathan Harker’s postdated letters has been sent, and Jonathan grows desperate. Determined to discover the secrets about the Count, Jonathan perilously climbs down the exterior of the castle wall into the Count’s bedroom. Once inside the seemingly disused room, Jonathan takes a deep passage that opens into a ruined chapel. Jonathan discovers that the Szgany had been filling large wooden boxes with earth from the chapel, and that the Count is lying as if dead inside one of these boxes. The sight so startles Jonathan, that he returns at once to his bedroom.

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Dracula Episode: June 24th

While the Szgany work somewhere in the depths of the castle, Jonathan Harker observes the Count climbing out the window wearing Harker’s traveling suit. Jonathan realizes that by appearing in the town in Harker’s clothes, the townspeople will think he is acting out nefarious deeds of his own will. Jonathan’s plans to await the Count’s return are halted by the appearance of the three spectral women who frighten him from the room.  Once safely in his own bedroom, Jonathan hears a stifled wail from the Count’s room, and a woman appears in the courtyard and screams at Jonathan to return her stolen child. The Count’s voice calls the wolves who devour her before Jonathan’s very eyes.  

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Dracula Episode: June 18th

Episode Synopsis: John Seward’s inmate, Renfield has taken to collecting spiders, and is feeding them with his flies.
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Dracula Episode: June 17th

Episode Synopsis: Jonathan Harker is locked in his bedroom when the opportunity to escape arises. Slovak workers who are carrying empty boxes into the castle are instructed by the Szgany to ignore Jonathan’s cries for help.

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Dracula Episode: June 5th

Episode Synopsis: John Seward’s inmate, Renfield, has taken to collecting flies in his room. He agreed to get rid of them if he was given three days to do so.
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