Dracula Episode: August 11th

Episode Synopsis: Mina awakes in the middle of the night to find Lucy missing, and nowhere in the house. Mina rushes with a heavy shawl to find Lucy in her nightclothes reclining in their favorite seat in the churchyard, a shadowy figure bending over her. By the time Mina gains entrance to the churchyard, Lucy is alone. Mina wraps Lucy in the shawl, and fears that in her haste, she may have pricked Lucy with a safety pin, for she sees Lucy’s throat is bleeding. Mina awakens Lucy and the women walk home together. Lucy swears Mina to secrecy about the events of the evening, fearing the effect it might have on her ailing mother. Mina worries about the wound that she inflicted upon Lucy, who seems more vibrant than she had done of late. Lucy is unconcerned. They and Lucy’s mother spend a pleasant day together, picnicking and enjoying some music on the terrace. As Mina makes her daily preparations for Lucy’s sleepwalking, she expects it to be a peaceful night.

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Dracula Episode: August 10th

Episode Synopsis: Mina and Lucy attend the funeral of the Captain of the Demeter from their usual seat in the church yard. Earlier that day in that same seat, the old captain, Mr. Swales, was found dead, having experienced a fright and broken his neck. Mina and Lucy are upset by a scene that occurs when an old sailor disciplines his dog for not coming when called. Mina fears that the upsetting details of the day will affect Lucy’s sleepwalking. Mina attempts to tire Lucy beyond sleepwalking by taking her out for tea and they laugh about having been startled by cows on their way. When they returned home exhausted, Mrs. Westenra had invited a curate from the clergy for supper, and Lucy and Mina struggle to stay awake. Mina feels confident that Lucy is making a turn for the better.

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Dracula Episode: August 9th

Episode Synopsis: A reporter from the Daily Telegraph continues to report on the strange goings on with the derelict Russian Schooner. The Dog which took flight from the ship is still at large, and is suspected to have killed and mutilated a large mastiff from the local village. The log of the derelict, the Demeter, has been translated with help from the Russian Consul. The Captain’s log describes a terrible doom that has settled over the ship. The men are scared of something, but will not say what. The first mate has become increasingly frustrated with the men, and has lashed out at them. Over time, men have been disappearing from the boat, and despite their best efforts, more continue to go. Ultimately, on the cusp of reaching England, the first mate declares that there is a terrible danger and throws himself to the sea to save his soul. The Captain, stuck at the helm as the one remaining crewman, has resolved to lash himself to the wheel with religious artifacts to confound the creature that stalks the decks. The captain is regarded as a hero, and is set to have a public burial tomorrow.

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Dracula Episode: August 8th

A reporter from the Daily Telegraph editorializes on the details of a storm from the previous day, including the brilliant colors in the sky, the actions of a few ships that sought safety in the harbour, and the amazing tale of a derelict Russian schooner that miraculously made it past the reef into port during... Continue Reading →

Dracula Episode: August 6th

Episode Synopsis: Mina sits at her favorite seat in the churchyard and observes the signs of the coming storm through the grey day. Mr. Swales comes to sit with her and tells her not to be upset by his conversation about the tombstones earlier, but when men get old, they laugh at death so it doesn't scare them so much. On the contrary, he feels contented and ready for death when it comes. Mina feels touched by his change in behavior, and a little upset. The Coastguard tells her that a small Russian ship off the cost seems to be behaving rather strangely.

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