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BonnieBogovich-headshotBonnie Bogovich works by day as a Game Audio Designer and Voice Actor/Director. Including five years as Audio Lead of Pittsburgh company Schell Games, she has spent over a decade working on a variety of soundscapes and musical experiences for educational products, simulations and computer/video games as well as interactive experiences and theme park attractions. Virtual, augmented and mixed reality projects she has worked on include titles such as “I Expect You To Die” for Oculus Rift and Playstation VR, “Frostbound” for Google Daydream, “SuperChem” for HTC Vive, “Domino World” for Google Tango, “Annihilator” for Google Cardboard and “Water Bears” for HTC Vive. Notable titles on other platforms include “Aven Colony”, “HIVESWAP”, “World of Lexica”, “Daniel Tiger: Stop and Go Potty”, “Baker Street Experience” and “Pugmire”.

Bonnie loves performing the classics as well as collaborating on new musical endeavors, highlights of which include arranging vocal, choral, and musical works for The Materia Collective, including the creation of a fake singing chicken puppet chorus The Bwak Choir.  She was an active member of the libretto team that combined Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula with Mozart’s “Don Giovanni” for Undercroft Opera, She wrote and produced a zombie-multimedia hybrid production “Evenings in Quarantine: The Zombie Opera” with colleague Liz Rishel, with whom she also co-created “Super Smash Opera”, a classical opera and video game parody show which premiered at MAGfest in 2015 and grew to include a live chorus and orchestral ensemble in 2016. Her favorite roles to date include; “Puccinipuff” from Super Smash Opera, “Stella” from Streetcar Named Desire,  “Lady Psyche” from Princess Ida, and “One Eyed Molly” from Pugmire.

She has served on the boards and committees for a variety of organizations including the Great Lake Film Association, Parsec, Pittsburgh Savoyards, GANG (Game Audio Network Guild), IASIG (Interactive Audio Special Interest Group), GVAC (G.A.N.G. Voice Actors Coalition) and the IGDA SIG VAMR (Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality SIG).  She has been a video game judge for Spillprisen, IGF, and Indiecade, an animation and script judge for the GLFA, IGDA Boardgames Competition, and reviewer for Focal Press. Bonnie has also been an active, panelist, presenter, and mentor at variety of events events including but not limited to AES, MAGfest, ECGC, AWE, GameSoundCon, Confluence, and GDC.

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