What is The Dracula Radioplay Experience?

Bram Stoker’s Dracula is told through a collected series of entries – journal writings, newspaper clippings, letters, and telegrams – that provide the details of of the story.  The voices, personalities, and experiences of the characters are revealed as they perceive the events.

We are taking this concept one step further by enabling you to follow along with the characters as they develop by assembling the entries chronologically, so you, as the listener, can follow along while the story unfolds.  Each entry will release on the date that it is written, giving you the unique opportunity to follow along in real time, to feel the length of events, and appreciate the natural development of the story.  In addition, the entries will be enhanced with audio effects and music to augment the tone and add the finishing touches to this immersive experience.

History of how we came up with this project:

A couple of years ago, we decided to read Dracula in order of the entries, on the days of the journal dates, as a book club sort of experience. This went swimmingly well, and the story still read easily.

But those of us who were trying to follow along via audiobook found that we were going back and forth in the audiobook recording, as it was not grouped by chronological entry. We decided to make our own…. but us being us, this quickly morphed into not just an audiobook, but also a full Radio Play with a cast and Foley effects. And we could put it out on the dates of the entries via podcast!

This is that project. Follow along with the story, as it progresses through time.

The Dracula Radio Play is a featured presentation at the HEAR Now Festival.

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