Dracula Episode: May 5th

Jonathan Harker, while traveling to meet the Count, pondered gravely at the reactions of the peasants around him, as they murmur indistinctly about the supernatural horrors that await him. The peasant coachman hurried the horses over the picturesque terrain so as to arrive at the rendezvous point a full hour early. He was foiled, however, when the Count's coachman, a man of mysteriously prodigious strength, met them regardless, and took Jonathan away to the castle. The ride in Dracula's coach was filled with wonders and horrors as blue flames appeared the woods and wolves assailed their coach. Jonathan discovered that the coachman was driving him in circles to unknown purpose. The elderly Count Dracula met Jonathan at the castle, offering him dinner and hospitality. He surprised Jonathan with a letter from his employer, Peter Hawkins, recommending Jonathan and praising his discretion. While the Count did not eat with Jonathan, he kept him company through supper, and by the time Jonathan had concluded with his meal and conversation, it was early morning. Follow us on Twitter.com/CryptiCanticles, Facebook.com/DraculaRadioPlay, and at crypticcanticles.com

Dracula Episode: May 4th

The Count has sent money sufficient to pay for a carriage to carry Jonathan Harker to his castle. The townspeople act peculiarly, however, when the subject of the count is raised. His landlady at inn begged Jonathan not to go, for the following day is St. George's Day, when evil is most powerful. She pressed upon him a crucifix, which he reluctantly accepted. Follow us on Twitter.com/CryptiCanticles, Facebook.com/DraculaRadioPlay, and at crypticcanticles.com

Dracula Episode: May 3rd

Solicitor Jonathan Harker travels on business to Bistriz on his way to Castle Dracula.​ ​Follow us on Twitter.com/CryptiCanticles, Facebook.com/DraculaRadioPlay, and at crypticcanticles.com

Dracula Episode: November 6th

Episode Synopsis: Mina and Van Helsing start eastward on foot, carrying provisions and means of keeping warm. Mina is tired after a steep descent, and Van Helsing finds a sort of sheltered spot that he picks to rest. Mina is still unable to take food. Van Helsing starts at the sight of the Szgany driving their wagon at top speed, upon which is the box containing the Count. Van Helsing quickly draws another holy circle protecting their location from the Count. As they watch the wagon, they catch sight of Seward and Quincey racing from the south and Jonathan and Arthur racing from the north, all on horseback converging on the team carrying the Count and hurrying to catch him before the imminent sunset. Another survey revealed clusters of wolves gathering. Just as the team approaches their rock, Mina and Van Helsing bear their weapons as both groups of pursuers command the team to stop. Jonathan and Quincey break through the fight of attackers and manage to prise the lid of the box, despite Quincey having been wounded in the act. The Count’s body disintegrates almost immediately, frightening the Szgany, who run frightened. Attention turns immediately to Quincey, who is collapsing under the strain of his wound. Quincey attests, however, that it was worth giving his life, for the scar has disappeared from Mina’s forehead, symbolizing the eradication of her vampire affliction. Surrounded by his friends, Quincey Morris quietly passes away. Seven years later, Jonathan recalls the horrific events of the past. He and Mina journey to Transylvania to retrace their old steps. Arthur and Seward are both married, and life has healed around their traumatic past. Mina and Jonathan have a son which they call “Quincey”. Van Helsing remarks that some day their child, who shares a birthday with the day Quincey died, will learn that his mother, Mina, is a most loved and most remarkable woman.

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Dracula Episode: November 5th

Episode Synopsis: Mina continues to sleep solidly during the daylight hours. Van Helsing commits himself to remain awake at night while Mina is awake, but finds himself dozing during the day while driving the carriage, and when he awakes, is overjoyed to see the Castle Dracula looming in the distance. As they settle down for the night, Van Helsing creates a circle surrounding Mina, using the holy Eucharist broken into a fine dust. Mina admits that she is unable to leave the circle, which Van Helsing is pleased to hear, as it means she can not leave in the night. When Van Helsing gets up to feed the fire, Mina stops him, and he discovers that the swirling snow has materialized into the three Vampire Women from Jonathan’s diary. They beckon to Mina, but are unable to enter the circle. In the morning, Van Helsing discovers that the horses, who had been outside the circle, are dead. He is unable to awaken Mina to hypnotize her. While resting the horses, Seward and Quincey catch sight of the Szgany hurrying along with their wagonload as though being chased. They are aware of the presence of wolves in the woods around them. Van Helsing leaves Mina sleeping in the holy circle, and attends to the gristly business of sanctifying the Count’s castle against him. He is momentarily delayed by the realization that Mina might be in danger from wolves, but presses on with his work. He starts by removing the great front doors, so no spell might trap him inside the castle. He quickly finds the chapel and the three brides who sleep in their coffins. He falters in his task if dispatching them, as he begins to fall under a trance, but is awakened by the sound of Mina’s voice calling from afar. He drives his stake through each of the brides and cuts off their heads, upon which act their bodies crumble to dust. Van Helsing sanctifies the Count’s grave and meets Mina who awakens and tells him that Jonathan is coming in their direction and the end is nigh.

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