Dracula Episode: November 2nd

Episode Synopsis: Jonathan is surprised to see that instead of waking him for his watch, Arthur had let his sleep through the night so that he might recover his strength. Jonathan wonders if Mina and Van Helsing have reached he Borgo Pass yet, and how Seward and Quincey are getting along. Despite only pausing long enough to rest the horses, Seward and Quincey feel surprisingly alert under the circumstances, which Seward attributes to habit from their previous hunting experience. Mina convinces Van Helsing to let her share the driving, as his strength will be more critical later. The day is bright, but cold and somehow oppressive. Van Helsing’s hypnosis reveals that the water is changing somewhat, but the Count continues to rest aboard the boat. Van Helsing purchases two additional horses when he exchanges the last ones for the final leg of their journey. They expect to reach the Borgo Pass the following day. Mina wishes that God will watch over Jonathan, with the understanding that she herself is still unclean in his eyes.

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Dracula Episode: November 1st

Episode Synopsis: Jonathan and Arthur continue to follow their presumed path of the Count up the river, searching the boats they come across. Struck with an idea, they fly a Romanian flag over their boat so the other boats that they search will think they are a government craft and give them no trouble. Mina and Van Helsing travel over the countryside, exchanging their tired horses for fresh ones through the good nature of kindly farmers who feed them along the way. Once, Mina removes her hat, and a woman starts at the sight of the red scar on her forehead. Mina carefully keeps her scar hidden from the townsfolk henceforth. Van Helsing’s hypnosis report is unchanged.

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Dracula Episode: October 31st

Episode Synopsis: Jonathan and Arthur continue upriver in their steamboat, but have yet to overtake any boat that looks to carry the Count. The wrap themselves in fur coats and huddle by the steam furnace against the increasingly cold weather. Van Helsing can only hypnotize Mina very briefly to learn that it is dark and quiet surrounding the Count. He purchases a carriage and plenty of provisions for their journey, and they depart on a seventy mile journey to the Count’s castle shortly after supper.

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Dracula Episode: October 30th

Episode Synopsis: When aboard the train to Galatz, Van Helsing finally succeeds in hypnotizing Mina with only a minute until dawn. She manages to tell them that the sounds of water are now level with the Count’s ears, and the sounds of livestock are nearby. She is unable to complete her thought before the sun breaks Van Helsing’s spell. Mina and Quincey go to the hotel while Arthur tried to contact the Consul and Jonathan and Van Helsing board the Czarina Catherine, which is currently in the harbor. The meet the captain, who tells them that the journey had been far faster than any made prior, and the speed of the wind in the sails made it difficult to hail the shore at times. He explained that the crew liked neither the box nor the man that brought it on board, and at one time, he had to fight off the crew who wanted to throw the box into the Danube. Once in Galatz, a man named Immanuel Hildesheim came on board to collect and sign for the box, taking it away. The team tracked down Hildesheim, who had been employed via telegram by a “Mr. de Ville” from London, to remove the box before sunrise so as to avoid customs, and deliver it to a man named Petrof Skinsky. Unfortunately, the team managed to learn that Mr. Skinsky had been killed two days prior, his throat having been torn out. The men agree that Mina must be taken into their confidence once more, as they are running out of options to catch the Count. Mina reviews all the papers and maps and deduces that the Count must be escaping via the Sereth River, which will take him as close as possible to his castle. Ultimately, it is decided that Arthur and Jonathan will follow the Count up the river in a steamboat, Quincey and Seward will scout the terrain on horseback, and Van Helsing and Mina will attempt to sanctify the Count’s castle before he arrives. Jonathan feebly objects to Mina being in such close proximity to evil, but ultimately concedes. Within four hours, all is prepared for their journey. Mina comments about the power of money to aid them in their purpose. Jonathan and Arthur start up the river, while Seward and Quincey purchase enough horses to provide for their whole party when they regroup. The divisions say farewell until they meet again.

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Dracula Episode: October 29th

Episode Synopsis: It is more difficult for Van Helsing to hypnotise Mina than it had been in the past. In Mina’s sunset hypnosis, she reports that she no longer hears the open sea, but the swirling of water and oars, along with the ambience of men’s voices and distant noises. Before boarding the train, and whilst waiting at a station, Van Helsing is able to hypnotize Mina twice more, but each time it gets harder and harder to make contact. She continues to report sounds of creaking wood, strange voices in foreign languages, the howling of wolves, and other noises that may help them pinpoint the Count’s location.

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