Dracula Episode: September 17th

Episode Synopsis: Lucy remembers the pain of the last several weeks as though a bad dream. She gratefully rejoices in her comfort falling asleep without the need of supervision, despite the sound of angry flapping against her window. Professor Van Helsing, having need to return to Amsterdam, sends a telegram to Dr. Seward instructing him to visit upon Lucy to keep vigil or at least check to see that she has sufficient garlic placed as necessary. However, he fails to address the telegram correctly, causing it to be delayed by twenty-two hours, and thus not received by Dr. Seward in time. Lucy writes a memorandum in the event that she is unable to give account of the horrible happenings befalling her. She is awakened by the same frightening sound of flapping that has haunted her of late. She calls for help and hears an eerie howl outside her window. The sound awakens her mother who arrives to check on Lucy and rest with her a while. To their horror, Lucy’s window is shattered by an enormous wolf. Traumatized, Lucy’s mother grasps at random, dislodging Lucy’s protective necklace of garlic before succumbing to her mounting heart condition and dying in Lucy’s arms. Lucy is momentarily dazed by her mother’s body and a sort of intoxicating force, but is brought back to herself by the sounds of her maids arriving. The maids are horrified to discover their mistress dead, and Lucy insists upon their calming their nerves with some sherry from the kitchen. When they do not return, however, Lucy discovers that all four of her maids have been drugged with laudanum. Helpless, and all alone, Lucy hides her written account of the incidents inside her bodice before succumbing to the hypnotising trance of particles that spins around her in her bedroom.

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