Dracula Episode: September 4th

Episode Synopsis:

Dr. Seward attempts to examine why Renfield experiences violent mood shifts at noon and at sunset. Renfield went through a brief period of returning to his fly-catching ways, expressing the necessity to fend for himself. Later that day, however, he abandoned this fancy one again.

Dr. Seward sends a wire to Professor Van Helsing telling him that Lucy continues to improve.

Dr. Seward: Sean Lenhart
Renfield: Mark Harris

Producer, Director, Webmaster: Gwen Schmidt
Audio Engineer, SFX and Music: Bonnie Bogovich
Scripting and Assistant Audio: Sean Lenhart
Story Continuity Supervisor: Liz Rishel
Artwork: Kwamé Babb

This is a rebroadcast of the original 2017 work.

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