The recording process

Hi all! Gwen here to blab some details.

You may notice that we’re on a bit of a break from the episodes — not our fault, the book has no entries until June 17th! In the meantime, if you’re looking to catch up on the storyline, we have them all available in order on a Youtube playlist.

In the meantime, I’d like to give a bit of insight into our process.

We record each actor individually, usually with me directing, often with Liz joining me on that, and sometimes Bonnie sits in as well. My primary duty is coaching, Liz makes sure to help with script interpretation, and Bonnie ensures that the audio sounds right. When we record at Sean’s studio, he fills in for Bonnie. The picture featured for this post is from one of those sessions at Sean’s studio, with Mark Harris behind the microphone as Renfield.

If we are recording local to our main team, here in Pittsburgh, PA, then we’re often recording in Sean’s or Bonnie’s sound studios. However, we have a number of actors who live in other locations, such as San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, and even one in the UK! They each have their own recording studios, and we use an internet app called “Discord”, which has a voice channel, to listen in on their recordings for direction.

Once the recording is done, we upload the recordings to a shared drive, Sean cleans them up for Bonnie, then Bonnie takes them and does her magic montage action to create the episode you hear.

We are still recording these episodes, so often what you hear was created shortly before its release. We are working to get ahead on this since September and October promise to be chock full of daily material, oi!

We hope you’re enjoying the show, however. Keep listening!

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