Episode: June 24th

While the Szgany work somewhere in the depths of the castle, Jonathan Harker observes the Count climbing out the window wearing Harker’s traveling suit. Jonathan realizes that by appearing in the town in Harker’s clothes, the townspeople will think he is acting out nefarious deeds of his own will. Jonathan’s plans to await the Count’s return are halted by the appearance of the three spectral women who frighten him from the room.  Once safely in his own bedroom, Jonathan hears a stifled wail from the Count’s room, and a woman appears in the courtyard and screams at Jonathan to return her stolen child. The Count’s voice calls the wolves who devour her before Jonathan’s very eyes.   Follow us on Twitter.com/CryptiCanticles, Facebook.com/DraculaRadioPlay, and at crypticcanticles.com

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