Dracula Episode: August 8th

A reporter from the Daily Telegraph editorializes on the details of a storm from the previous day, including the brilliant colors in the sky, the actions of a few ships that sought safety in the harbour, and the amazing tale of a derelict Russian schooner that miraculously made it past the reef into port during the height of the tempest. To the astonishment of all, the only one on board was a dead man lashed to the helm, and a black dog that took off into the night.

Mina Murray thwarts two sleepwalking attempts by Lucy.  She remarks how easy it is to re-divert Lucy back to bed. Mina wonders momentarily whether Jonathan is safe, fearing he may have been traveling by sea during the terrible storm.

Correspondent – Brennan Bobbish
Mina – Bonnie Bogovich

Producer, Director, Webmaster: Gwen Schmidt
Audio Engineer, SFX and Music: Bonnie Bogovich
Scripting and Assistant Audio: Sean Lenhart
Story Continuity Supervisor: Liz Rishel
Artwork: Kwamé Babb

This is a rebroadcast of the original 2017 work.

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