Dracula Episode: June 29th

Episode Synopsis: Jonathan Harker observes the Count, dressed in Jonathan’s traveling suit, delivering the last of the postdated letters that portend his doom. The Count tells Jonathan that his carriage will deliver him to Bistritz tomorrow evening. Jonathan asks to leave immediately, but changes his mind when a multitude of wolves appear at the front door. Once back in his bedroom, Jonathan overhears the count whispering to the spectral women that they may feast on him tomorrow.


Jonathan Harker: Jesse Buddington

Dracula: Jeff Brenneman

Producer, Director, Webmaster: Gwen Schmidt

Audio Engineer, SFX and Music: Bonnie Bogovich

Scripting and Assistant Audio: Sean Lenhart

Story Continuity Supervisor: Liz Rishel

Artwork: Kwamé Babb

This is a rebroadcast of the original 2017 work.

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