Dracula team at MAGfest 2020

Catch some of our Dracula Radioplay cast and crew members onsite this coming weekend in National Harbor, Maryland for Super Magfest 2020:

On Thursday, Jan 2nd, Liz Rishel (Lucy) and Bonnie Bogovich (Mina) will presenting  “Engaging Fandoms: Guidelines for Successful Fanfiction” at 8pm in the MAGES Forum.

Following right after, at 9:30pm, Sean Weiland (Quincy Morris) will be running a panel discussion (along with Bonnie) Modern Theatre: Games Recreating the Theatrical Experience in MAGES 1.

And in case you ever worried that a vampire couldn’t be your friend,  Jeff Brenneman (Dracula) will be running two “Speed-Friending” events in The Arena, Thursday the 2nd at 3:30pm and Friday at 2pm!

AAAND if that wasn’t enough, John Robert Matz (Arthur Holmwood), Liz, and Bonnie are hosting the Game Audio Network Guild MAGFest Remix Competition 2019 Saturday at 8pm in Panels 2!!!!!

Safe travels and best wishes to our Dracula team at MAGfest this weekend!

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