Dracula Episode: October 28th

Episode Synopsis:

Rufus Smith sends a telegram to Arthur that the Czarina Catherine has been reported entering Galatz.

The group is not overly surprised to discover that the Count had changed course. Mina is surprisingly helpful and free to talk as she tells the group the best train to take them through Galatz. Arthur, Quincey, and Jonathan go to make preparations for their departure and reception in Galatz. Van Helsing and Seward surmise that the Count peered into Mina’s brain on the day that she was very lethargic, and discovered their plan. Mina concurs with them that she feels that the Count has distanced himself from her, having discovered the risk to himself by her knowledge of his movements. Van Helsing and Mina deduce from Jonathan’s journal that the Count will retreat to his own castle by the same route as he did in the battles of old, as by his character he has shown that he is a creature of habit. Seward, Mina, and Van Helsing prepare for their next journey with renewed vigor.

Dr Seward: Sean Lenhart
Van Helsing: Cyrus Nemati
Arthur Holmwood: John Robert Matz
Rufus Smith: Sean Weiland
Mina Harker: Bonnie Bogovich

Producer, Director, Webmaster: Gwen Schmidt
Audio Engineer, SFX and Music: Bonnie Bogovich
Scripting and Assistant Audio: Sean Lenhart
Second Assistant Audio: Brian Diamond
Story Continuity Supervisor: Liz Rishel
Artwork: Kwamé Babb

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