Hear Now Fest ’18 – Dracula Audio Reel

We were honored to be an “Official Selection” of the HEAR Now: The Audio Fiction and Arts Festival​ this year! Are you new to the series? Check out our 15 minutes hi-lights reel we prepared for Hear Now, showcasing 3 of our favorite scenes, “the Brides of Dracula”, “Lucy in the Tomb”, and “A Meeting with Renfield”:

Follow along in ‘real-time’ once again with our currently updated blog posts, also on iTunes. Want to hear it all in order, start to finish, no waiting? Visit our Youtube Channel “dracula story” playlist.

Our 15 minute Hear Now Fest highlights reel on Soundcloud features the voices and creative talents of Bonnie Bogovich​, Judy Kirby​, Gwendolyn R. Schmidt​, Jesse Buddington​, Marylou Lenhart​, Sean Lenhart​, Mao Invictus​, Cyrus Nemati​, John Robert Matz​, Sean Weiland​, Mark Harris and Jeff Brenneman​.

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