The Medium

UPDATE:  Our planned full production of The Medium is unfortunately on hold. However, we are still doing a performance on the planned date at the Glitter Box. Come see a selection of scenes from “The Medium” PLUS additional operatic and musical tunes of a spooky nature, at “Black Swans and Spooky Songs”!

We are excited to present Menotti’s spooky and tragic story, The Medium, on Sunday October 28th at 3pm at The Glitter Box Theater in Pittsburgh, PA. The Medium is about an ill-mannered fortune teller, Baba, her daughter Monica, and their servant boy Toby, who become victims of a haunting while giving seances for Mrs. Nolan, and Mr. and Mrs. Gobineau. This ghostly thriller is perfect for the Halloween weekend.

This will be directed by Sean Lenhart, and cast includes Gwendolyn Schmidt, Bonnie Bogovich, Jordan Speranzo, Liz Rishel, Judy Kirby, and James Newsome. There will be a post-show reception at the venue.

Warning: This opera does contain adult themes, such as violence, alcoholism, and horror elements. 

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