Episode: September 23rd

Episode Synopsis: Mina is rejoiced that, since Mr. Hawkins has passed, Jonathan has taken up the mantle of responsibility excellently. He told her that he would be out late, and would be unable to return for lunch, so Mina has decided to take the opportunity to read Jonathan’s travel Journal.

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Episode: September 22nd

Episode Synopsis: Following the funeral of Mr. Hawkins, Mina and Jonathan take a walk through Hyde Park Corner. Jonathan undergoes a sort of trance as he sees a man intently watching a pretty woman, following her when she leaves. Jonathan proclaims that the man is the count, who has grown young again. Mina leads him away, and he falls asleep, awaking without memory of the encounter. Mina determines that she must find a time and read Jonathan’s travel journal to discover what horrors lie therein. When Mina and Jonathan return to Exeter, they discover a telegram from Van Helsing telling them that Lucy and her mother are both dead. It is with a heavy heart that the gentlemen friends of Lucy leave the cemetery where she and her mother are interred. Arthur speaks with guests about the blood transfusion he underwent on Lucy’s behalf, unaware of the other men who donated their own. He comments that he felt as though he and Lucy were married in the eyes of God. Once alone in the carriage with Dr. Seward, Van Helsing breaks down into a mixture of laughter and sobs. Dr. Seward is alarmed at the impropriety of laughter at such a morbid time, but Van Helsing explains that during times of great stress, it is a merciful laugh that breaks the strain, a laugh that cannot be stopped. He tells Seward that he cares for Arthur in his time of need more strongly because arthur reminds him of his own dead son. However, Van Helsing was struck by Arthur’s comment about the blood transfusion, because it would imply that Lucy was in fact “married” to all of them. Van Helsing tells Seward that he must return to Amsterdam to attend to some business, but then he will return to take care of further matters here. Seward concludes his diary, heartbroken with the loss of his love.

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Episode: September 20th

Episode Synopsis: The doctor that Seward had placed in charge of the asylum in his absence, Dr. Patrick Hennessy, writes to Seward describing an unfortunate incident regarding Renfield. Renfield had been witnessed shouting obscenities at some workmen who were retrieving some heavy wooden boxes from the neighboring Carfax Estate. When the men were preparing to leave, Renfield escaped from his room and attacked the men, almost killing one. He struggled against the attendants who managed to restrain him. The workmen were angry about the incident, but calmed down after Hennessy bought them a round of drinks and paid them a sovereign a piece to forget about the incident. Their names were recorded for future reference. Van Helsing, Seward, and Arthur trade turns watching over Lucy as she nears the end. Seward finds it perplexing that when asleep, Lucy pulls the garlic away, and when she awakens, she draws it close. Her teeth continue to look longer and sharper than usual. Van Helsing removes the scarf around her neck and discovers that the wounds on her throat have completely disappeared. He calls for Arthur to be brought in, as he believes Lucy is nearing the end. Arthur tries to comfort Lucy, but Van Helsing will not let him kiss Lucy on the lips. Lucy undergoes a change, actively seducing Arthur to kiss her, but Van Helsing forcefully keeps Arthur back. Lucy regains herself, thanking Van Helsing, and asking him to bring her peace. She closes her eyes and breathes her last. Lucy’s funeral is arranged for the following day so that Lucy might be buried with her mother, and so that Arthur may return to Ring immediately after to continue arrangements for his own father’s funeral. Rather than decay, Lucy’s body appears more luminous and beautiful in death such that the men can scarcely believe she has passed. Van Helsing insists upon looking over Lucy’s recent papers so as to prevent any critical or implicating information from being witnessed out of context. Once Mrs. Westenra’s solicitor had been notified of his client’s passing, Van Helsing and Seward check in on Lucy’s presentation. Van Helsing places garlic flowers among Lucy’s bouquets and a golden crucifix over Lucy’s lips. Van Helsing stops by Seward’s room and asks Seward to procure tools such that he might remove Lucy’s head and heart. Seward objects to such desecration, but admits that he called Van Helsing because his methods are true. As Seward bids goodnight to Van Helsing, he is touched by the sight of one of Lucy’s maids entering her burial chamber to pay final respects. The following morning, Van Helsing reveals that the maid had been robbing Lucy’s corpse and had stolen the golden crucifix that had been placed over her lips. As a result, Van Helsing’s ghastly desecration of Lucy would be postponed. Seward meets with Mr. Marquand, Mrs. Westenra’s solicitor, who explains that Mrs. Westenra had all her affairs well in order, leaving everything to Arthur. Arthur arrives to bid farewell to Lucy, and breaks into tears on Seward’s shoulder, disbelieving that she is truly dead. After the undertakers seal up Lucy’s coffin, Van Helsing asks Arthur for permission to hold and read Lucy’s private papers, to which Arthur acquiesces. For the remainder of the night, Van Helsing patrols the hallway beyond the burial chamber.

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Episode: September 19th

Episode Synopsis: It is clear to all that Lucy is dying. Seward and Van Helsing never leave her side, while Quincey Morris patrols the halls. Lucy slips in and out of sleep, where she appears to be at peace, but her teeth protrude ominously from her receding gums. She eventually asks for Arthur, and Quincey picks him up at the railway station. Lucy rallies for Arthur's sake, and he puts on a brave face, but it is apparent that the end is near.

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Episode: September 18th

Episode Synopsis: A reporter for the Pall Mall Gazette investigates the case of a wolf that has escaped from the local zoo. She interviews Mr. Bilder, the zookeeper, to ask if he recalled anything suspicious surrounding the events. Mr. Bilder lays down some personal philosophy comparing the actions of humans and animals, and shares a few jokes with his wife before describing a man who had the animals upset the day before. Having described himself as being experienced with wolves, he brazenly petted Biserker, a ferocious-looking, but tame animal. That evening, Biserker was missing, and a zoo worker described seeing a large, grey dog through the bushes. As the reporter wraps up the interview, Biserker the wolf returns to Mr. Bilder's house. Dr. Seward realizes that he was supposed to be watching Lucy last night when a telegram arrives for him that should have been delivered the day before. He hurries to Lucy's house to check on her immediately. Van Helsing meets Seward shortly after he arrives to find no one to answer the door. The two break in through a window, and discover the four maids lying on the kitchen floor, having been drugged with laudanum. Seward and Van Helsing run upstairs and find Lucy's mother's body on the bed and Lucy near death. Seward wakes the maids who quickly draw a bath to warm Lucy back up again. Van Helsing and Seward agonize over how they can give Lucy more blood, depleted as they both are, when Quincey Morris, having arrived with a telegram from Arthur, steps in and donates his own blood for the necessary transfusion. Seward settles Quincey with a glass of wine. Van Helsing discovers a letter that dropped from Lucy while they were moving her into the tub, detailing the horrific events of the evening before. They decide to re-hide it in her bodice from whence it fell and not mention it when filling out Mrs. Westenra' death certificate, lest it create confusion. Quincy pulls Seward aside and asks him what could have drained Lucy of so much blood, recalling a vampire bat which once killed his favorite horse. Seward admits that he does not know, but he agrees to include Quincy in any and all further efforts to save Lucy's life. When Lucy finally awakes, she grieves for her dead mother. That night, Seward and Van Helsing are startled to discover her sitting up in her sleep, producing the paper from her bodice, and tearing it in half. Mina writes to Lucy telling her that Mr. Hawkins has died. The tragedy has impacted them both tremendously, but Jonathan in particular feels anxious about the responsibility that he must undertake in his work. Mina will try to visit Lucy when she and Jonathan are in London for Mr. Hawkins's funeral.

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