Episode: September 28th

Episode Synopsis: After a night’s rest, Dr. Seward decides that Van Helsing’s theories, which he had been so ready to believe the night before, must be mere folly. He worries that Van Helsing might be losing his mind, and that he is such a clever man, he could easily fool them all, should he be behind this spectacle. Seward resolves to keep a keen eye on Van Helsing when he meets him tonight to watch for odd behavior.

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Episode: September 27th

Episode Synopsis: Dr. Seward and Van Helsing visit the graveyard again in the afternoon once a group of mourners has cleared out from a noon service. Upon opening the coffin, Seward is shocked to see Lucy’s body lying inside, looking more radiant than ever. Van Helsing pushes back her lips, revealing her teeth, sharper than before. Seward fumbles for a logical explanation, but can find none. Van Helsing explains that because Lucy was in a trance when she was first bitten, and when she died, she does not appear as a Vampire in her tomb, which is uncommon. Van Helsing comes to the conclusion that he must not dispatch of Lucy’s Undead form until Arthur has a chance of seeing her and understanding what has happened, for if he should ever discover their actions without proof of her transformation, he would believe that she had been buried alive and killed by Van Helsing. Van Helsing tells Seward to go home and get rest, and tomorrow night, he shall come to Van Helsing’s hotel, where he will meet with Arthur and Quincey. Van Helsing writes a letter to leave in his hotel for Dr. Seward. He says in his note that in order to ensure that Lucy reveals herself tomorrow night, he is fixing her tomb door with items that will ward her away, and keep her inside. He will then keep watch over her tomb as a precaution. However, if the Count should decide to visit upon Lucy’s grave, Van Helsing would surely be killed. In this case, he has prepared copies of the diaries for Seward to find and complete the holy mission. If it should be so, this letter may serve as Van Helsing’s final farewell.

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Episode: September 26th

Episode Synopsis: Van Helsing is amazed to see that Jonathan has made a full recovery.  Jonathan tells him that since Mina revealed Van Helsing’s assessment in the truth of Jonathan’s journal, his confidence in his own senses has completely returned and he is a new man.  Van Helsing cannot help but praise Mina to her husband, detailing how clever, resourceful, and compassionate she is. Jonathan realizes that Van Helsing is planning to go after the Count, and pledges his assistance in any way possible.  The three share breakfast as friends, and Jonathan takes Van Helsing to the train station. Van Helsing is distracted by an article in the Westminster Gazette and fears that events are accelerating more quickly than anticipated. Dr. Seward was settling into acceptance of Lucy’s death, when Van Helsing paid him a visit, asking what he made of the “Bloofer Lady” article in the Westminster Gazette. Seward noted the details about the wounds on the children’s necks being similar to that on Lucy, but he could not detect the cause.  Van Helsing loses some patience, demanding to know why scientists claim that nothing exists that science cannot explain, and why Seward disbelieves anything metaphysical. He lists a bewildering number of examples until Seward is exasperated, and begs Van Helsing to speak plainly, and he will not let previous prejudice cloud his logic. Van Helsing explains that the wounds in the children’s throats did not come from the same source attacked Lucy, but from Lucy herself. Seward is staggered by the claim, but Van Helsing suggests that they should investigate, starting with the injured child, who is currently being treated by a mutual friend, Dr. Vincent.  The two met with Dr. Vincent who tells them that he suspects a wild animal, perhaps a bat bred from a foreign source, inflicted the wound.

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Episode: September 25th

Episode Synopsis: A reporter for the Westminster Gazette writes about children who have gone missing while playing on Hampstead Heath, and have been found later, sometimes the next day, with wounds on their throats. All of these children have given the excuse that they had been lured away by “The Bloofer Lady”. Whether this is true, or an excuse that the other children picked up after the first occurrence is unknown, as the children have taken to playing the popular “Bloofer Lady” game amongst themselves while playing on the Heath. The reporter exclaims in an extra special that another child has been found injured, weakened, and emaciated. “The Bloofer Lady” was again given as cause. Mina anxiously awaits the visit from Van Helsing. Her mind is filled with the horrors of Jonathan’s Journal, and while she knows she is to speak with Van Helsing about Lucy, she hopes for a chance to get his opinion of Jonathan’s experience. Van Helsing arrives ask Mina if she might explain her vantage of the incident of Lucy’s sleepwalking to the churchyard. Mina mystifies Van Helsing by giving him her shorthand diary for a moment before producing her typewritten account. Van Helsing is overjoyed with the evidence that he is able to derive from her words, and praises her immensely, offering his services whenever she might need them. Mina takes this opportunity to ask him to help her with Jonathan’s sickness. After assuring Mina that he will not judge her and Jonathan, he takes Mina’s typewritten version of Jonathan’s Journal with him so he may read it and then discuss it with Mina and Jonathan at lunch tomorrow. Van Helsing writes to Mina that Jonathan’s account is true, and that he can certify before meeting him that Jonathan’s mind is sound. He praises that Jonathan’s account has provided rich detail that he had been needing. Mina writes back to Van Helsing exclaiming delight that Jonathan is sane. She says that Jonathan will be home earlier than expected, and asks Van Helsing to please come to breakfast instead of lunch.

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Episode: September 24th

Episode Synopsis: Mina is deeply disturbed by what she reads in Jonathan’s travel journal. She wonders how much of it could be true, for there is a certain continuity that would explain the appearance of that man Jonathan spotted the other day. To be safe, Mina decides to transcribe Jonathan’s Journal on her typewriter in case they should need to consult someone. Van Helsing writes to Mina asking if he might pay her a visit to discuss some of the details he found in Lucy’s writings. He states an awareness of Jonathan’s condition, and suggests it might be best if he meets her without Jonathan’s knowledge.

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