Recording madly!

Recording Vampire Bride 2
Recording Vampire Bride 2

We have been recording the first several episodes of Dracula, and they’re going extremely well! We’ve cast this with people from all over the world, and our remote cast have their own recording studios. We often work with them over Discord to coach the lines and sound effects, and they’ll send us the recordings they make from the sessions. Pictured to the left is one of our semi-remote setups from Sean Lenhart, recording his wife Marylou as one of our Vampire Brides! Sean is, of course, a member of the Cryptic Canticles, but also cast as our Dr Seward.

The main bulk of recording has been done at Bonnie Bogovich’s house in her professional recording studio. We recorded the other Vampire Brides, carriage people, various Syzgany, and many of the sound effects at this studio.

In all cases, Gwen Schmidt (as Director), Liz Rishel (as Script Master), and Bonnie Bogovich (as Audio Director) all work together like a three headed Cerebus to get the right sounds, readings, and tone out of the actors for the lines and sound effects.

You may be wondering what I mean by “sound effects”. We have sound effects in this. When Harker narrates about his experience watching the Vampire Brides eating a baby, you will hear them eating a (OK, not a real baby) in the background! We are putting in so much of this into episodes, making this not a reading of a book but truly a Radio Play! And this is all thanks to Bonnie who painstakingly goes through all of the recordings and splices them together with all of the audio effects, and adding music. Amazing!

We’ll have our first episode, a teaser trailer, up very soon, so keep your eye out for it!



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