Dracula Episode: October 4th

Episode Synopsis: Mina awakens early and calls for Van Helsing to hypnotize her, as she believes she may provide some insight that she is free to disclose. Under hypnosis, Mina reveals the location of the Count, inside his last remaining crate, on a boat that is weighing anchor. Van Helsing revels in the new development that the Count is fleeing England, but reminds all that they must catch him regardless to save Mina’s soul. He leaves Jonathan and Mina back at the house while he, Arthur, Quincey, and Seward go to the docks to learn what they can about the boat that that Count took. Van Helsing believes the Count to be fleeing back to Transylvania. Jonathan and Mina, meanwhile, continue combing through their accounts of the Count, looking for further clues to aid their mission.

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Dracula Episode: October 3rd

Episode Synopsis: Dr. Seward hurries down to see Renfield, whom Simmons the attendant had said met with some terrible accident. When Seward arrives, he sends for Van Helsing, for it is apparent that Renfield has experienced trauma that would have been impossible to inflict upon himself. Van Helsing arrives, followed quickly by Arthur and Quincey. Van Helsing explains that they must operate on Renfield before he dies of the building brain hemorrhage, for he must give his account. The operation brings a partially paralyzed Renfield back to consciousness long enough for him to explain that the Count had met with him on October 1st, shortly after he had begged Seward for his release. The Count had bewitched Renfield into inviting him into the asylum to some sinister purpose. Renfield goes on to say that the following day, when the Count entered the Asylum by means of Renfield’s room, his gratitude to Renfield had disappeared, and he seemed to emit the presence of Mina Harker. Renfield had called for Mina earlier that day, and felt that her presence had been diminished. This made him angry, so when the Count arrived moments ago, Renfield had tried to physically restrain him, when the Count broke his body, leaving him for them to find. Without a moment to spare, the men arm themselves and rush Mina and Jonathan’s bedroom, breaking down the door to get inside. Seward beholds the Count forcing Mina’s face into the blood of a cut he has made on his own chest, compelling her to drink. Jonathan had been bewitched, and was lying motionless. At the men’s intrusion, the Count tosses Mina from him before dissolving away into vapor. Once revived, Jonathan panics over what is to be done for Mina. Mina refuses to touch her husband, proclaiming herself tainted by the Vampire’s affliction, but Jonathan holds her tight in his loving arms. Arthur and Quincey relay the news that the Count had stolen into the study and burned the compiled narrative that they had cobbled together, but was luckily unaware of the copies they had made. On his exit, he had killed Renfield. Van Helsing convinces Mina to describe what had happened. She explains that she awoke from her troubled sleep to find Jonathan in a stupor, and the Count materializing out of the mist at the edge of her bed. The Count drank her blood and then gloated that she, whom is most beloved, must join his ranks of vampires as punishment for their trying to best him, and then he forced her to drink his blood. Van Helsing and the rest vow that they must now dispatch the Count as quickly as possible. Jonathan is fraught with agony over what happened to Mina. Mina is resolute in her purpose that if she should feel that she presents danger to her friends, she will end her own life. However, Van Helsing dismissed that idea, saying that by ending her life she will awaken herself immediately as a vampire, and she must outlive the Count. The only way to destroy him is to destroy his boxes of earth. Jonathan insists that they must enter the Count’s houses by any means necessary, but is stunted by Van Helsing’s reminder that the police would stop them from their purpose if they are not prudent. Van Helsing recalls a story about a friend who, while abroad, had a burglar break into his house, and then, using legal means, was able to sell all of his possessions and his property through pure charisma and confidence alone. He suggests that using confidence and legal means, they should acquire a locksmith to let them into the Count’s very public house, and the police would not even notice. As the men prepare for their day of destroying the Count’s boxes of earth, Van Helsing makes to guard Mina against the supernatural. He places a sacred wafer against her forehead, when startlingly, the wafer burns into Mina’s forehead. Mina reviles her corruption, but Van Helsing assures her that when the mark disappears, she will know that she has been forgiven. Jonathan says goodbye to Mina, assured that if she should turn, he knows that he will be shortly behind her. The men broke into Carfax Manor as before, this time prising open all the boxes in the chapel and “sterilizing” them each with a piece of sacred wafer. Once finished, they continued on to the house in Piccadilly. Arthur and Quincey hired a locksmith while Van Helsing, Jonathan, and Seward waited in the park. Once the locksmith had finished, the rest joined those in the house. To their chagrin, only eight of the nine anticipated boxes remained in the house. Once they finished sanctifying the eight boxes, the men examined the Count’s things, which he had left on the table. There they found the deeds and keys to other houses as well as some personal items. Arthur and Quincey take the keyring and go onward to sanctify the boxes in the other two houses while Van Helsing, Jonathan, and Seward await their return. While waiting, the three receive a telegram from Mina saying that the Count has been to Carfax and is now hurrying out to meet them. Luckily, Arthur and Quincey arrive shortly before the Count enters the house. The men strategize their attack, but the Count is prepared. He dodges an attack by Jonathan, who slices the Count’s cloak, spilling money across the floor. The Count flings himself out a window, and turns to taunt them once more, telling them that in a matter of time, they will all be slaves to his will. The Count disappears into the stables and escapes. Van Helsing admits that they must return to the asylum, as dusk is approaching, and Mina will need their protection. They take or burn any item of the Count’s that he might use before returning to Seward’s asylum. When they return and catch Mina up on the day’s events, she asks them to destroy the Count out of sympathy for the poor trapped soul within. Jonathan is outraged at these words, but Mina reminds him that she may herself become a monster, and she would wish for the pity of any who might destroy her. Seward, Arthur, and Quincey all agree that they will take turns patrolling the hallways and ensuring Mina’s safety at night. Jonathan hopes for a plan to come to them in the morning so they might dispatch the Count before Mina succumbs to his affliction. Mina awakens, aware of a presence in the hallway, and both she and Jonathan are relieved to discover Quincey Morris, who tells them that they will be guarded all night.

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Dracula Episode: October 2nd

Episode Synopsis: Mina is concerned about how worn out and emotional she has felt lately. She visits with Renfield, by request, and he wishes her well. Mina asks Dr. Seward to mix her a sleeping remedy so she might get a better rest, but wonders if sedating herself is wise. Jonathan receives Smollet’s letter containing Sam Bloxam’s address, and, after some confusion as to spelling, eventually finds his way to Sam. Sam describes moving nine of the boxes into a house in Piccadilly, and from his description, Jonathan deduces that the Count had helped him move the boxes before possibly mesmerizing him. Jonathan visits Piccadilly Circus, and discovers that the house sale had been handled by a company called Mitchell, Sons, and Candy. When Jonathan meets with the representative, however, the man is unhelpfully tight-lipped about the sale. Ultimately, Jonathan works the man over by dropping Arthur’s title, and the representative agrees to send a letter to Arthur with the details. Back at the asylum, the men ponder how to get into the Piccadilly house, deciding that they can’t easily break into such a public house the way they did Carfax. Seward asks the attendant about Renfield’s movements last night, and determine that the attendant had fallen asleep. Just as Seward is settling in for the night, he hears a terrible scream and is told that Renfield has had a terrible accident. Mitchell, Sons, and Candy write to Arthur telling him all that they know about having sold the house in Piccadilly Circus to a foreign man going by the name Count De Ville.

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Dracula Episode: October 1st

Episode Synopsis: As the men are preparing to investigate Carfax Manor, they receive the message that Renfield desperately wants to speak to Dr. Seward. The other men ask to come along, as Seward's journal entries about Renfield had piqued their interest in meeting the man. Renfield is extremely eloquent as he greets all in attendance, demonstrating a working knowledge of their backgrounds. He asks Seward to consult his colleague's judgement as to whether he is sane enough to be set free. When, however, he is unable to explain why the request is so urgent, Seward declines his request, sending Renfield into a panic where he begs to be released for the good of others instead of himself. As the men leave, he asks that Seward remember this moment. On their way to Carfax Manor, Seward confides that he hopes he did right in detaining Renfield, but he feared that Renfield, once free, might aid the Count, so connected did he seem to the goings ons. The men break into Carfax Manor via skeleton keys, each armed with weapons to combat both common foes and the supernatural. Arthur in particular, had brought a small silver whistle. Jonathan leads the way to the chapel, which they find covered in dust, and filled its an acrid air. All are distressed to find only twenty-nine of the original fifty crates of earth remain. Quincey uncovers a hoard of rats that swarm out of the walls, but Arthur uses his whistle to summon three terriers which make short work of the many rats. The men depart the house after checking it completely, and return to the asylum. Jonathan is happy that Mina agreed to remain in the dark about their plans with the Count, and decides to sleep on the couch rather than wake her. He notes that she looks a little paler than usual as she sleeps. When they awake, Mina seems more exhausted than usual, sleeping later than any of them, despite going to bed so much earlier. While Seward catches up on Asylum work, Van Helsing pays a visit to Renfield. He is surprised that Renfield treats him with disdain, telling him to remove himself from the cell. Mina frets about the necessity for Jonathan to keep secrets from her, and contemplates Lucy's death. She worries about her own mood swings that seem to stem from a bad night's sleep that began when she overheard some upset in Renfield's room. Mist from the yard seemed to creep up the outside wall and find its way into her room. She recalls vague nightmares or imaginings about red points of light that resembled eyes, a white face through the darkness, and a lethargy that held her pinned to the bed. Jonathan begins in earnest his searching for the missing boxes of earth that had been removed form Carfax Manor. He interviews Thomas Snelling, one of the carriers that had been mentioned in Patrick Hennessy's letter. Snelling tells him that he had moved six crates into each of two different houses in London's North and East side. He believes Jonathan might get more information about the crates from a man named Sam Bloxam. Snelling agrees to send Jonathan a letter with Sam's address as soon as he can locate it. Seward continues to study Renfield, perplexed by the changes in the man. Renfield speaks of wanting to prolong his life, but when questioned about the souls on his hands from taking so many lives, Renfield becomes agitated, disavowing any desire for souls, no matter how lowly. Seward notices him stumble over a few words and thoughts, and after some consideration, deduces that The Count has been to see Renfield somehow. When and he and Van Helsing approach Renfield to question him further, Renfield is back to collecting flies.

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Dracula Episode: September 30th

Episode Synopsis: Jonathan Harker arrives to stay with Mina and the rest of the men as guests in Seward’s asylum. He and Mina set to work ordering and organizing all of their separate accounts into a single chronological narrative. While working, Mina discovers that Renfield’s behavior coincides with the movements of the Count. Seward goes to visit Renfield, and finds him lucid, and discussing arrangements to be discharged from the asylum. Seward hopes to visit him later in hopes of uncovering more information on the Count. Jonathan travels around town, tracking the Count’s boxes of earth and buying drinks for everybody every step of the way. A delivery man working for Carter, Paterson and Co. describes that they transferred the fifty boxes into the chapel of Carfax Manor. Mina is delighted to see that Jonathan’s resolve in tracking the count has renewed his vigor as Van Helsing said it would. While Jonathan and Seward are away, Mina meets Arthur and Quincey, and in turn, comforts each of them in their trauma over Lucy’s death. When Seward arrives at the asylum, and at Mina’s request, takes her to meet Renfield. He is astonished to find Renfield conversing with her on a high intellectual level, quoting philosophy, and explaining his Zoophagous behavior as an attempt at prolonging his own life by assimilating others. When Seward and Mina must leave, Renfield shocks Seward again by wishing Mina well and saying that he hopes to never see her again. Seward picks up Van Helsing from the train station, and Van Helsing is glad to know that everybody else is already assembled. He tells Seward that they should not involve Mina in any further planning, as it might be bad for her in the long run. In a meeting after dinner, Van Helsing lays out the path before them, that the Count is strong with many powers, and influence over animals and the dead, and that failure in their mission would doom each of them to the Count’s nefarious army. Each present at the table pledge themselves to the grim task in spite of the risks. Van Helsing goes on to discuss the details about the Count that they had observed through experience, and to say that his friend, Arminius, a scholar from Buda-Pesth University, was able to provide more details about the Count through research. In life, the Count was an unusually cunning war lord who defeated the Turks long ago. His family is said to have had dealings with the devil, instilling the Count with his evil, supernatural powers. He may only rest in the earth that is made holy by the graves of his biological children, which is why he must transport their dirt graves with him, and now which they must find. At this point, Quincey, who had stepped outside to investigate a noise, shoots his pistol at a bat which had come to rest outside the window where the group was meeting. Not wanting to lose a moment, the men agree to investigate whatever boxes remain at Carfax, and, to Mina’s chagrin, she must stay behind, and no longer be involved in their dealings with Dracula.

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