Dracula Episode: October 4th

Episode Synopsis: Mina awakens early and calls for Van Helsing to hypnotize her, as she believes she may provide some insight that she is free to disclose. Under hypnosis, Mina reveals the location of the Count, inside his last remaining crate, on a boat that is weighing anchor. Van Helsing revels in the new development that the Count is fleeing England, but reminds all that they must catch him regardless to save Mina’s soul. He leaves Jonathan and Mina back at the house while he, Arthur, Quincey, and Seward go to the docks to learn what they can about the boat that that Count took. Van Helsing believes the Count to be fleeing back to Transylvania. Jonathan and Mina, meanwhile, continue combing through their accounts of the Count, looking for further clues to aid their mission.

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