Dracula Episode: October 2nd

Episode Synopsis: Mina is concerned about how worn out and emotional she has felt lately. She visits with Renfield, by request, and he wishes her well. Mina asks Dr. Seward to mix her a sleeping remedy so she might get a better rest, but wonders if sedating herself is wise. Jonathan receives Smollet’s letter containing Sam Bloxam’s address, and, after some confusion as to spelling, eventually finds his way to Sam. Sam describes moving nine of the boxes into a house in Piccadilly, and from his description, Jonathan deduces that the Count had helped him move the boxes before possibly mesmerizing him. Jonathan visits Piccadilly Circus, and discovers that the house sale had been handled by a company called Mitchell, Sons, and Candy. When Jonathan meets with the representative, however, the man is unhelpfully tight-lipped about the sale. Ultimately, Jonathan works the man over by dropping Arthur’s title, and the representative agrees to send a letter to Arthur with the details. Back at the asylum, the men ponder how to get into the Piccadilly house, deciding that they can’t easily break into such a public house the way they did Carfax. Seward asks the attendant about Renfield’s movements last night, and determine that the attendant had fallen asleep. Just as Seward is settling in for the night, he hears a terrible scream and is told that Renfield has had a terrible accident. Mitchell, Sons, and Candy write to Arthur telling him all that they know about having sold the house in Piccadilly Circus to a foreign man going by the name Count De Ville.

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