Dracula Episode: October 1st

Episode Synopsis: As the men are preparing to investigate Carfax Manor, they receive the message that Renfield desperately wants to speak to Dr. Seward. The other men ask to come along, as Seward's journal entries about Renfield had piqued their interest in meeting the man. Renfield is extremely eloquent as he greets all in attendance, demonstrating a working knowledge of their backgrounds. He asks Seward to consult his colleague's judgement as to whether he is sane enough to be set free. When, however, he is unable to explain why the request is so urgent, Seward declines his request, sending Renfield into a panic where he begs to be released for the good of others instead of himself. As the men leave, he asks that Seward remember this moment. On their way to Carfax Manor, Seward confides that he hopes he did right in detaining Renfield, but he feared that Renfield, once free, might aid the Count, so connected did he seem to the goings ons. The men break into Carfax Manor via skeleton keys, each armed with weapons to combat both common foes and the supernatural. Arthur in particular, had brought a small silver whistle. Jonathan leads the way to the chapel, which they find covered in dust, and filled its an acrid air. All are distressed to find only twenty-nine of the original fifty crates of earth remain. Quincey uncovers a hoard of rats that swarm out of the walls, but Arthur uses his whistle to summon three terriers which make short work of the many rats. The men depart the house after checking it completely, and return to the asylum. Jonathan is happy that Mina agreed to remain in the dark about their plans with the Count, and decides to sleep on the couch rather than wake her. He notes that she looks a little paler than usual as she sleeps. When they awake, Mina seems more exhausted than usual, sleeping later than any of them, despite going to bed so much earlier. While Seward catches up on Asylum work, Van Helsing pays a visit to Renfield. He is surprised that Renfield treats him with disdain, telling him to remove himself from the cell. Mina frets about the necessity for Jonathan to keep secrets from her, and contemplates Lucy's death. She worries about her own mood swings that seem to stem from a bad night's sleep that began when she overheard some upset in Renfield's room. Mist from the yard seemed to creep up the outside wall and find its way into her room. She recalls vague nightmares or imaginings about red points of light that resembled eyes, a white face through the darkness, and a lethargy that held her pinned to the bed. Jonathan begins in earnest his searching for the missing boxes of earth that had been removed form Carfax Manor. He interviews Thomas Snelling, one of the carriers that had been mentioned in Patrick Hennessy's letter. Snelling tells him that he had moved six crates into each of two different houses in London's North and East side. He believes Jonathan might get more information about the crates from a man named Sam Bloxam. Snelling agrees to send Jonathan a letter with Sam's address as soon as he can locate it. Seward continues to study Renfield, perplexed by the changes in the man. Renfield speaks of wanting to prolong his life, but when questioned about the souls on his hands from taking so many lives, Renfield becomes agitated, disavowing any desire for souls, no matter how lowly. Seward notices him stumble over a few words and thoughts, and after some consideration, deduces that The Count has been to see Renfield somehow. When and he and Van Helsing approach Renfield to question him further, Renfield is back to collecting flies.

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