Dracula Episode: November 4th

Episode Synopsis: Seward and Quincey hear from the locals that Jonathan and Arthur had encountered trouble navigating some of the rapids in their steamer and need some help righting their vessel. Van Helsing and Mina reach the Borgo Pass at sunrise. Mina made her same report at sunrise while under hypnosis. When she awakes, she recognizes the way to the Count’s castle from Jonathan’ description in his diary. Mina sleeps all day, and Van Helsing is unable to hypnotize her at sunset. Mina makes Van Helsing’s diner, but tells him that she has eaten hers already, which makes him nervous. Mina is awake and alert all night, but in the morning, Van Helsing is unable to hypnotize her before sunrise, but she falls into such a deep sleep, he has to lift her into the carriage. Van Helsing worries about the acceleration of Mina’s affliction. Jonathan agonizes over the accident that he and Arthur had encountered earlier, surmising that had it not occurred, he believes that they could have overtaken the Count already. He prepares his arms for the possible combat ahead, and writes a preemptive goodbye to Mina should he be unable to write again.

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