Dracula Episode: November 2nd

Episode Synopsis: Jonathan is surprised to see that instead of waking him for his watch, Arthur had let his sleep through the night so that he might recover his strength. Jonathan wonders if Mina and Van Helsing have reached he Borgo Pass yet, and how Seward and Quincey are getting along. Despite only pausing long enough to rest the horses, Seward and Quincey feel surprisingly alert under the circumstances, which Seward attributes to habit from their previous hunting experience. Mina convinces Van Helsing to let her share the driving, as his strength will be more critical later. The day is bright, but cold and somehow oppressive. Van Helsing’s hypnosis reveals that the water is changing somewhat, but the Count continues to rest aboard the boat. Van Helsing purchases two additional horses when he exchanges the last ones for the final leg of their journey. They expect to reach the Borgo Pass the following day. Mina wishes that God will watch over Jonathan, with the understanding that she herself is still unclean in his eyes.

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