Dracula Episode: August 19th

Episode Synopsis: Mina is overjoyed to have news at last from her beloved Jonathan. Sr. Agatha of the Hospital of St. Joseph has written to say that Jonathan has been ill, and Mina is to come at once to nurse him back to health. Mina prepares for the possibility that she and Jonathan will married in Buda-Pesth when she arrives. Dr. Seward has noticed a change in his patient, Renfield’s behavior. He has suddenly abandoned his interest in collecting spiders and keeping his records, but instead seems to have taken some religious mania, speaking about the approach of the “Master”. Later in the night, the watchman informs Dr. Seward that Renfield has escaped. Seward follows his trail through the torn-open window, to the abandoned Carfax Manor, where he and several men corner Renfield and wrestle him back to the asylum.

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