Dracula Episode: August 10th

Episode Synopsis: Mina and Lucy attend the funeral of the Captain of the Demeter from their usual seat in the church yard. Earlier that day in that same seat, the old captain, Mr. Swales, was found dead, having experienced a fright and broken his neck. Mina and Lucy are upset by a scene that occurs when an old sailor disciplines his dog for not coming when called. Mina fears that the upsetting details of the day will affect Lucy’s sleepwalking. Mina attempts to tire Lucy beyond sleepwalking by taking her out for tea and they laugh about having been startled by cows on their way. When they returned home exhausted, Mrs. Westenra had invited a curate from the clergy for supper, and Lucy and Mina struggle to stay awake. Mina feels confident that Lucy is making a turn for the better.

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