Dracula Episode: September 2nd

Episode Synopsis: Dr. Seward writes to Arthur to tell him of Lucy’s condition. He explains that during lunch, Lucy put on a brave face of vigor, but in private, displayed weakness, discomfort, and expressed difficulty breathing. Having examined her blood, and discovered no physical cause, Dr. Seward has contacted his old teacher, Professor Van Helsing. Seward assures his confidence in Van Helsing, who is an expert in obscure disease with an exceptional amount of sympathy. He hopes that together, he and his old professor will uncover the mystery of Lucy’s condition. Professor Van Helsing writes a response to his former student, Dr. Seward, who requested his aid. Van Helsing explains that Seward’s concerns are his top priority, ever since Seward saved his life from an infected wound. He says that as rich as Arthur is, he could not have bought a better solution than the one that Seward has provided by summoning him.

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