BSaSS Performer Bios

Performer Bios from our October 2018 concert Black Swans and Spooky Songs: Gwen Schmidt, Soprano Bonnie Bogovich, Soprano Liz Rishel, Soprano Judy Kirby, Mezzo Soprano Sean Lenhart, Baritone Jim Newsome, Bass Rebekah Hill, Pianist  

BSaSS Lyric Translations

One third of our program is not sung in English, so here are translated Lyrics from our Black Swans and Spooky Songs concert on Sunday, October 28th. ~ "Tre volte miagola la gatta in fregola" (Witches Chorus) from Macbeth by Guiseppe Verdi Three times the cat has mewed in heat. Three times the hoopoe has... Continue Reading →

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