Episode: October 3rd

Episode Synopsis: Dr. Seward hurries down to see Renfield, whom Simmons the attendant had said met with some terrible accident. When Seward arrives, he sends for Van Helsing, for it is apparent that Renfield has experienced trauma that would have been impossible to inflict upon himself. Van Helsing arrives, followed quickly by Arthur and Quincey. Van Helsing explains that they must operate on Renfield before he dies of the building brain hemorrhage, for he must give his account. The operation brings a partially paralyzed Renfield back to consciousness long enough for him to explain that the Count had met with him on October 1st, shortly after he had begged Seward for his release. The Count had bewitched Renfield into inviting him into the asylum to some sinister purpose. Renfield goes on to say that the following day, when the Count entered the Asylum by means of Renfield’s room, his gratitude to Renfield had disappeared, and he seemed to emit the presence of Mina Harker. Renfield had called for Mina earlier that day, and felt that her presence had been diminished. This made him angry, so when the Count arrived moments ago, Renfield had tried to physically restrain him, when the Count broke his body, leaving him for them to find. Without a moment to spare, the men arm themselves and rush Mina and Jonathan’s bedroom, breaking down the door to get inside. Seward beholds the Count forcing Mina’s face into the blood of a cut he has made on his own chest, compelling her to drink. Jonathan had been bewitched, and was lying motionless. At the men’s intrusion, the Count tosses Mina from him before dissolving away into vapor. Once revived, Jonathan panics over what is to be done for Mina. Mina refuses to touch her husband, proclaiming herself tainted by the Vampire’s affliction, but Jonathan holds her tight in his loving arms. Arthur and Quincey relay the news that the Count had stolen into the study and burned the compiled narrative that they had cobbled together, but was luckily unaware of the copies they had made. On his exit, he had killed Renfield. Van Helsing convinces Mina to describe what had happened. She explains that she awoke from her troubled sleep to find Jonathan in a stupor, and the Count materializing out of the mist at the edge of her bed. The Count drank her blood and then gloated that she, whom is most beloved, must join his ranks of vampires as punishment for their trying to best him, and then he forced her to drink his blood. Van Helsing and the rest vow that they must now dispatch the Count as quickly as possible. Jonathan is fraught with agony over what happened to Mina. Mina is resolute in her purpose that if she should feel that she presents danger to her friends, she will end her own life. However, Van Helsing dismissed that idea, saying that by ending her life she will awaken herself immediately as a vampire, and she must outlive the Count. The only way to destroy him is to destroy his boxes of earth. Jonathan insists that they must enter the Count’s houses by any means necessary, but is stunted by Van Helsing’s reminder that the police would stop them from their purpose if they are not prudent. Van Helsing recalls a story about a friend who, while abroad, had a burglar break into his house, and then, using legal means, was able to sell all of his possessions and his property through pure charisma and confidence alone. He suggests that using confidence and legal means, they should acquire a locksmith to let them into the Count’s very public house, and the police would not even notice. As the men prepare for their day of destroying the Count’s boxes of earth, Van Helsing makes to guard Mina against the supernatural. He places a sacred wafer against her forehead, when startlingly, the wafer burns into Mina’s forehead. Mina reviles her corruption, but Van Helsing assures her that when the mark disappears, she will know that she has been forgiven. Jonathan says goodbye to Mina, assured that if she should turn, he knows that he will be shortly behind her. The men broke into Carfax Manor as before, this time prising open all the boxes in the chapel and “sterilizing” them each with a piece of sacred wafer. Once finished, they continued on to the house in Piccadilly. Arthur and Quincey hired a locksmith while Van Helsing, Jonathan, and Seward waited in the park. Once the locksmith had finished, the rest joined those in the house. To their chagrin, only eight of the nine anticipated boxes remained in the house. Once they finished sanctifying the eight boxes, the men examined the Count’s things, which he had left on the table. There they found the deeds and keys to other houses as well as some personal items. Arthur and Quincey take the keyring and go onward to sanctify the boxes in the other two houses while Van Helsing, Jonathan, and Seward await their return. While waiting, the three receive a telegram from Mina saying that the Count has been to Carfax and is now hurrying out to meet them. Luckily, Arthur and Quincey arrive shortly before the Count enters the house. The men strategize their attack, but the Count is prepared. He dodges an attack by Jonathan, who slices the Count’s cloak, spilling money across the floor. The Count flings himself out a window, and turns to taunt them once more, telling them that in a matter of time, they will all be slaves to his will. The Count disappears into the stables and escapes. Van Helsing admits that they must return to the asylum, as dusk is approaching, and Mina will need their protection. They take or burn any item of the Count’s that he might use before returning to Seward’s asylum. When they return and catch Mina up on the day’s events, she asks them to destroy the Count out of sympathy for the poor trapped soul within. Jonathan is outraged at these words, but Mina reminds him that she may herself become a monster, and she would wish for the pity of any who might destroy her. Seward, Arthur, and Quincey all agree that they will take turns patrolling the hallways and ensuring Mina’s safety at night. Jonathan hopes for a plan to come to them in the morning so they might dispatch the Count before Mina succumbs to his affliction. Mina awakens, aware of a presence in the hallway, and both she and Jonathan are relieved to discover Quincey Morris, who tells them that they will be guarded all night.

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